The human beings produce sound by larynx which is commonly known as voice box. The voice box is situated in the neck at the upper end of the wind pipe. The human voice box contains two ligaments known as vocal cords. Sound is produced by the vibrations of vocal cords.

How are sound waves produced

Sound waves are produced by the vibrations in the molecules of the medium surrounding it .And in other words we can say that sound waves are produced because of vibrations.

Name two factors on which the speed of sound depends

Temperature, Nature,and physical state of the substance.

What is the audible range of frequency of sound wave for human beings

The audible range of frequency of sound waves for human beings are from 20 Hz to 20000 Hz.

What is the time period of an oscillation

The time required to complete one oscillation is called time period of an oscillation.

Name three types of musical instruments

The three types of musical instruments are:-Stringed instruments such as violin, sitar and guitar ,Wind instruments such as flute, trumpet and harmonica, Percussion instruments such as tabla, drums and dholak.

Human beings can hear the frequency of sound waves between 20 hertz and 20000 hertz.

sometimes dogs bark on unknown person when they enter their sense street because their of hearing is unique which help them to feel the different sound of unknown person.