Male and female reproductive Organs


  1. SPERM DUCT (Vas deferens) is a narrow tube that helps to transport sperms produced in each testis. Several fluids are secreted inside this tube by different glands, which mix with the sperms to form a fluid called seven.
  2. PENIS – It transfers the semen, and with it the sperms, into the female body.
  3. URETHRA -It is a tube inside the penis through which semen and urine pass out of the body.
  4. TESTES – (Sing. Testis) They are present as a pair in males and located within bag-like scroll sacs. A testis is made up of numerous coiled tubes that produce sperm cells. When a male reaches puberty, the testes are stimulated by the pituitary gland to produce the male sex hormone testosterone.


  1. OVIDUCT – (Fallopian tube) It carries the ovum released by the each ovary . Fertilization occurs here and zygote is formed.
  2. UTERUS – It is the organ where the zygote matures and grows till it is ready to be born. The embryo (I.e., developing baby) grows and develops inside the uterus, which is also called womb.
  3. OVARIES – IT produce and release eggs (ova) . Each ovary has the shape, and a size almost that of an almond. When a girl reaches puberty, the ovaries are stimulated by the pituitary gland to produce the female sex hormone oestrogen.
  4. VAGINA – IT receives the penis during sexual intercourse.