What is noise ? What is noise pollution ? What measures should we take to reduce the noise pollution?

Unpleasant, discomfort- causing sound from any source is called noise.

Sustained presence of harmful, unwanted, or annoying noise in the environment is called noise pollution.

We should take the following measures to reduce the noise pollution are as follows:-

Minimizing noise pollution requires a certain degree of discipline from all of us. Some of the measures one should adopt to keep noise pollution under control are given below.

  1. The use of loudspeakers should be avoided.
  2. People living in flats and houses close to each other should not talk too loudly or play the television/ music too loudly so as not to disturb their neighbors.
  3. While driving, people should avoid playing loud music and using the horn unnecessarily.


The effect of noise pollution on people should not be underestimated. Here are some of the harmful effects of noise pollution:

  1. Irritation and loss of concentration;
  2. Sleep disturbance and stress (which can lead to high blood pressure);
  3. Ear damage and loss of hearing (which may result from exposure to a sudden loud noise or from continuous exposure to noise over a period of time).