Update on omicron variant in the world, in India, South Africa


According to information which is collected from high-risk countries, the Omicron variant was firstly found on 19 November 2021 in European country Netherland then on 24 Nov in South Africa by RT-PCR Test.Omicron varient is seven times more transformable than that of Delta Varient. World Health Organization had designated the valiant B.1.1.529 a variant of concern named Omicron. Omicron has several transformations that may have an impact on how it will behave like, on how it can spread easily, or different types of mutations.

Two cases of the Omicron variant had found in India, both the cases are found in Karnataka. One is an Indian whose occupation is a doctor, he is 66 years old and the other is a citizen of South Africa whose age is 46 years old. The Omicron virus has been found in 31 countries in the world. There are 373 people had affected by the Omicron variant in the world. A maximum number of cases have been found in South Africa.

In India government has announced to get vaccines, the Central government and state government are working together on this pandemic, and citizens of India are made aware to wear masks and maintain social distancing.


As we know, a person who gets positively affected by the Omicron variant has hardly pain, long-time fever, tiredness, cough, headache, etc.


Don’t be panic but awareness is very important in such situations. We should follow the rules and regulations of the Covid 19 pandemic. Please take vaccines that are needed for the present time. Don’t delay more to get double doses of vac