Follow safety rules in our daily life


  1. We should not play with sharp things such as blades, knives and scissors.
  2. Stay away from fire. Do not play with a matchstick.
  3. We should not open doors in any situation if they are not known by us
  4. We should not touch electric wires and switches with mosturised hand.
  5. Do not jump on bed or sofa.
  6. Always throw fruit peels in the bin . We should not throw them any where on the ground. Anyone may slip over them and get hurt.
  7. Always put away toys in place after playing. Anyone can


  1. Always walk on the pavement.
  2. Cross the road at the zebra crossing.
  3. Before crossing the road, we should first look to the right,then to the left and again to the right. If we find the road clear, then we should cross it .
  4. Use subway to cross the busy road.
  5. Do not run or play on the busy road.
  6. Always follow the traffic signals while crossing the road.
  7. ‘Stop’ says the Red light.
  8. ‘Wait ‘ says the Yellow or Amber light.
  9. ‘Go’ says the Green light
  10. Always cross the road with an adult.
  11. Always wear a helmet when you are traveling on two wheeler

Safety rules at school

  1. Do not jump on the chairs and desks.
  2. Do not throw any object on your friend.
  3. Do not push anyone while going up and down the stairs. Be in a queue.
  4. Do not push each other on swings. Wait for your turn.

Safety rules at Bus

  1. Do not get in or out of a moving bus.
  2. Do not stand on the footboard when you travel in a bus.
  3. Do not make a noise in the bus .
  4. Never talk to the driver when he is driving the vehicle.
  5. Do not learn out of a bus.
  6. Do not take out any of the body parts from the bus.

Safety rules in the Swimming pool

  1. Children should not go alone for swimming. When they go for a swim they should take their elders along with them.
  2. They should not swim near the deep end of the pool.


We have discussed the following topics:-

  1. Safety habits help us to keep safe.
  2. We should always follow the Safety rules.
  3. We should be careful on the road.
  4. We should always walk on the footpath.