Heterotrophic nutrition is a type of nutrition in which organism can not prepare their own food.

Energy is derived from the intake and digestion of the complex organic substances prepared by other organisms may be plant and animals.

All animals most bacteria and fungi have heterotrophic nutrition.

Heterotrophs are the consumers in the food chain.

They store the food in the form of glycogen.


SAPROPHYTIC NUTRITION, saprophytic nutrition are the type of nutrition which are found in those type of organism which depend upon dead and decaying organic substances.

It is the mode of nutrition in which organisms obtain nutrients from the dead and decaying organic matter. For example:- fungi and bacteria

PARASITIC NUTRITION, parasitic nutrition is a type of nutrition which is found in those organism which take food by their hosts.

It is the mode of nutrition in which an organism (parasite) obtains the food synthesized by others (host). For example:- several fungi,bacteria, plants like cuscuta, animals like Plasmodium and roundworm.

HOLOZOIC NUTRITION ,holozoic nutrition is completely different mode of nutrition than the SAPROPHYTIC and PARASITIC

It is the mode of nutrition in which complex organic matter is fed by ingestion and this food is subsequently digested and absorbed. For example:- Amoeba, frog and human beings.