According to the BSEB official notification the intermediate examination 2024 will be started from First day of February and will be ended on 12 February 2024.


As per the schedule :- 01/02/2024 IN FIRST SHIFT (MATHEMATICS) AND IN SECOND SHIFT( HINDI) 02/02/2024 IN FIRST SHIFT(PHYSICS) AND IN SECOND SHIFT( ENGLISH) 03/02/2024 IN FIRST SHIFT(CHEMISTRY) AND IN SECOND SHIFT (GEOGRAPHY) 04/02/2024 IN FIRST SHIFT (ENGLISH) AND IN SECOND SHIFT (HISTORY/ वैकप्लिक विषय व्यापार पत्र/व्यवसायिक ) 07/02/2024 IN FIRST SHIFT (BIOLOGY) AND IN SECOND SHIFT (POLITICAL SCIENCE/BUSINESS STUDIES) 08/02/2024 IN FIRST SHIFT (HINDI) AND IN SECOND SHIFT (ECONOMICS) 09/02/2024 IN FIRST SHIFT (LANGUAGE SUBJECT) AND IN SECOND SHIFT ( मनोविज्ञान/ उधमिता) 10/02/2024 IN FIRST SHIFT संगीत (I.A)/फाउंडेशन कोर्स (Voc) AND IN SECOND SHIFT होम साइंस (I.A) वैकप्लिक विषय व्यापार पत्र II व्यवसायिक 11/02/2024 IN FIRST SHIFT समाजशास्त्र (I.A) वैकप्लिक विषय व्यापार पत्र-3 (केवल पुराने पैटर्न में) AND IN SECOND SHIFT N.R.B (I.A,I.Sc, 12/02/2024 IN FIRST SHIFT लेखा( दर्शन(I.A) AND IN SECOND SHIFT M.B(I.A,I.Sc,