Salient features of the Indian Constitution

Salient Features of Indian Constitution:- Indian Constitution have formed by the different features of Constitution of many countries. So the former of Indian Constitution say that it is the Musium of different legal codes. Indian Constitution is unique in its content and spirits though it is borrowed many other Constitution of the world. The Constitution of India has different salient features that distinguished from the Constitution off the other countries. So as we know that the Indian Constitution is unique in its content and spirit but most of the content of Indian Constitution is borrowed from many Constitution of f world and therefore it is very very important for us to understand what are the salient Features of the Indian Constitution nodoubt it has been borrowed from the other Constitution of the world.

Following are the most important salient Features of Indian Constitution are :-

Lengthiest written Constitution

Indian Constitution is the comprehensive and vast document. It is the extensive Constitution in all over the world. It has 470 articles in 25 parts and 12 schedules with five appendices. Ninth schedule of the Constitution have made by the first amendment. The broadness of the Indian Constitution can be identified by studying of articles of the other Constitution. The amended constitution of America has only 7 articles. The Constitution of Nepal have 97 articles in 20 parts and 6 schedules. The Constitution of Soviet Union have 174 articles. Canada’s constitution has 147 articles and China’s constitution has 30 articles .

Sovereign Democratic Republic

The preamble of the Indian Constitution has declared that India has sovereign democratic republic. Sovereign Democratic Republic means India is free from Brahma pressure of foreign rule. And also free to rule itself. India is Democratic Republic because the power of the administration is on the hand of the people. In Indian democracy citizen can get achievement in higher position without any discrimination. India is a Republic. President is the head of the higher executive body in India.