Market Your Bookkeeping Business in 1 min

Fill out the form below to learn more about our bookkeeping marketing packages and jumpstart your bookkeeping website. A lot of Facebook advertising “experts” claim you can achieve great results for just $5/day. Most bookkeepers who are starting to advertise on Facebook should budget for a minimum ad spend of $15-$30/day and plan to maintain that for at least 2-3 months. Advertising on Facebook is a real investment that requires time and commitment.

how to advertise bookkeeping services

First, check if your current clients are happy and feel you’re providing the best possible service. Then, you can ask if they’d be willing to recommend you to others. Talk up your business to everyone you know (with business cards ready to distribute), and in return, offer to hand out business cards for friends and family members who are looking for new business as well. By being willing to reciprocate, you’re opening the door to potential new business. You may want to refer to our list of free business card providers as a starting point. Remember that if you cultivate a strong professional presence, people will remember you.

Strategy #1: Build Relationships with Other Business Growth Professionals

There are many creative ways for your bookkeeping business to stand out from competitors. If you’re wondering how to find bookkeeping clients, read our tips below. We hope this guide will help you build an accounting empire using digital marketing tactics. We know you are busy with your clients, so consider Crosby Digital Marketing if you need help setting up and running an advertising and marketing plan for your accounting business.

You’d learn how they bill their clients and what kinds of expenses and income they have. When you market yourself solely to lawyers, as an example, you are that much more valuable to any law firm you approach. We are in a day and age where you have unlimited ability to gain exposure across the Internet. Focus on those couple of platforms to build community, add value, and market your business.

Get More Bookkeeping Leads Through Your Website

Regular blogging lets you establish your expertise as a bookkeeper, engage with your audience on topics regarding bookkeeping, and provide valuable insights to potential clients. Blogging is also a great way to optimize your website for search engines, as it drives traffic to your site and helps build your online reputation. Starting and growing a bookkeeping business requires more than just number-crunching skills. It takes effective marketing strategies to attract clients and establish a strong presence in the industry. As a bookkeeper, you need to differentiate yourself from competitors and showcase your expertise to gain trust and credibility with potential clients. With most Americans using at least one social network, social media marketing is a key part of every lead generation strategy.

What is an example mission statement for bookkeeping business?

Mission Statement

To provide exceptional financial and professional services while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. To meet the current and future needs of our clients and help them to cultivate long-term success. To respect our staff and those we serve as professionals and individuals.

You can create how to guides on Quickbooks, you can show how to import data from contractor software, you can show how to reduce taxes as an XYZ or whatever. If you want a real business that has high retainer clients, then you’ll need to prospect. Start out by quickly hooking the listener to let them know they’re in the right place, that you provide a solution and it’s for them. Besides that, if you start to speak on topics, teach people, and help others via content and video, people will get to know you and perceive you as authoritative.

The 6 Best Outsourced Accounting Firms to Consider in 2023

Another way to create a strong online presence for your bookkeeping business is by creating social media accounts. Social media is a great way to connect with potential clients and engage with people who follow your brand. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow you to showcase your expertise, share industry insights, and provide valuable suggestions to people seeking bookkeeping services online.

how to advertise bookkeeping services

A – All roads lead to your websiteB –  Google ignores anything remotely spammy or half doneC –  It feeds your google my businessD – it will sell in the middle of the night for you. Last, you should know that social media for business is really setup to make you spend money on ads. You’ll also notice that social media has decided to play games in election processes and manipulation of reach. At the whims of a moderator or a fact checker, your entire profile can get shut down if you say the wrong thing about any group of people. Eating content that’s helpful, positions you as a guide, and is then shared across all platforms is the core to succeeding on social media.

Use LinkedIn to Attract Commercial Bookkeeping Leads

And when done correctly, they can be just as effective as paid advertising. Some marketing channels, like paid advertising, will allow you to reach a large audience quickly. But these channels can be expensive, and they’re not always effective.

how to advertise bookkeeping services

In short, I recommend that you are careful about investing too much time into social media compared to your website, Google business profile, and YouTube channel. The first thing you need to do is setup a Google Business Profile for your bookkeeping business. Don’t forget to also get your business listed on as many online business directories as possible. These directories often appear quite high in search results, so until your website is achieving good organic search results you can increase the likelihood of prospects finding you through these listings. Staying close to the groups in your niche not only increases your chance of meeting new clients but also helps you to stay on the cutting edge.