How To Manage Customers & Create Invoices in Xero

API Limit Xero supports 1000 API hits per day per organisation. During the sync process, if the limit is exceeded, the invoices and related records will not be pushed to Xero. The pending records will be pushed to Xero in the subsequent sync. WARNING This is a one-way invoice integration from Chargebee to Xero. Updates made in Xero will not be updated in Chargebee and will cause data mapping issues. Please get in touch with us, and we will recommend the right approach to update information in Xero without causing sync errors.

This allows Ignition to apply the correct tax rates when invoices are created in your ledger. Yes, you can have multiple payment services set up in your Xero account. Customers will be able to pick one of them as they go through the checkout process. If you’re currently in classic invoicing, click Switch to new invoicing at the bottom of your screen.

Client Name Sync

Click here for more information on how Xero supports tax returns in multiple regions. Unfortunately, you cannot change this payment method’s name on the Members Portal. The payment option shown to customers for payment services you make available through Xero is always named Pay. This can be done for any invoice status—draft, awaiting approval, awaiting payment, or paid. In Xero, contacts are arranged into All, Customers, and Suppliers contact groups, and you can access these by navigating to Contacts in the menu bar at the top of the page. When you add or import new contacts, they will automatically appear in the All group.

You can create an invoice in Xero from Opportunites in Really Simple Systems. To do this, click on the Opportunity you want to create an invoice for and on the Opportunity page, you will see a blue button called Create Draft Invoice on Xero. Press the blue “Allow Access” button to complete the integration setup or cancel to go back and exit the setup.

Invoice Settings

Click Accounts and invoice terms to view the available settings. An example of when quote would be used is for a piano moving business. A quote isn’t guaranteed income, it’s just an offer of a job to be delivered at a certain price. The customer still has to accept it and the job has to be done.

When your Purchase Orders are moved to “finished” status in RepairShopr we will update the PO in Xero to be “Billed” status and create a Bill in Xero. You can see if your POs are synced on the main Purchase Order page with the Synced column. This is the state that your invoices will be in once generated from Ignition.

Accounting software

If an invoice or credit note is deleted in Chargebee, it will be voided in Xero. Shipping address in Chargebee will not be synced to Xero, as Xero does not allow to capture it. Collaborate with your peers, support your clients and boost your practice. Here are some ideas and sample content you can use to communicate and share Xero setup information with your clients.

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If you have vendors in Xero but not RepairShopr, they will come over when you import Xero Contacts (Customers). If you don’t want them to automatically sync, head to your Xero Settings page and check the Disable syncing of Purchase Orders box to stop them, then click Save Xero Settings. Relevant taxes will be added to your invoice in accordance with your tax settings in Xero.

How To Set Up Customers In Xero